Want to sell but scared to buy? – What can you do instead of buying another home right away.
Buying or selling a home can be stressful. Selling a home and thinking of what to do instead of getting a new home immediately can even be more stressful. This can create further issues if your home is taking longer to sell. However, here is a list of things you can do instead of buying another home right away;

Renting an ApartmentWant to sell but scared to buy? – What can you do instead of buying another home right away.

When it becomes difficult to own or find a home of your dream, then renting an apartment becomes the alternative. The cost of getting an apartment can be cheaper but prices might increase when there is a shortage of homes. An apartment is easier to rent compared to looking for a new home in the market.

Buying a Condo

However, there are regular strict rules associated with buying a condo such as limiting some activities like gardening or working on your car.

Recreational Vehicles

You can get a recreational vehicle to ease the pressure of buying a new home. You can own a recreational vehicle such as fifth wheels, travel trailers, and motors with homes. These vehicles cost less than a home and offer a lot of flexibility as they can be used as a traveling vessel, set as rental lots, private property etc. The modern vehicles are built as homes with small apartments, slide rooms add considerable living space. However, these vehicles have limited storage space and are expensive to maintain.

Park Models and Little Houses

Small or tiny homes can be constructed on towable trailers or built on a property. Although these homes are small, they have been highly hyped recently due to their flexibility. Related: A Tiny House or RV?

The drawback of these homes is the cost of constructing one and most have limited living space. Some of these homes like the trailer are not allowed on the United States roads. It also costs a lot to have one place on a property and work of homeownership.

Park Models or Manufactured Home

A viable alternative to small houses is called a park model or mobile or manufactured home. A new park model can be a bit expensive costing around $25, 000, however, a previously used model in good condition and amenities can be purchased for a lesser amount. They are the small models of mobile homes which can easily be towed and placed inside a mobile home park, RV park or a piece of land. These models are made with a proper plumbing bathroom compared to recreational vehicles.

If you’d like more specific suggestions on the various living options once you sell, give us a call! Want to sell but scared to buy? We can help you make the best decision for your needs and budget. Every one is different and what works for you may not work for someone else.

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Goodyear Pebble Creek home for sale Front of home Sunset photo
Goodyear Pebble Creek home for sale Front of home Sunset photo

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